Hi. My name is Eric Niebler, and I’m a freelance software developer, consultant, trainer and author. My specialty is C++ library and application development, with special emphasis on modern C++ techniques, and extra special emphasis on domain-specific languages.

I have written code for Microsoft Research, Microsoft Visual C++, and Boost.org, where I have authored 4 Boost libraries: Proto, Foreach, Xpressive, and Accumulators. I’m also a release manager for Boost, a member of the Boost Steering Committee, and a planner for C++Now.

I have been published in journals such as The C/C++ Users’ Journal, InformIT, MSDN Magazine, The C++ Source and C++Next, and I’m on the advisory board for The C++ Source. I’m a member of the ISO C++ Standardization Committee and a contributing editor for isocpp.org.

I have spoken at SD West, Dev Connections, BoostCon/C++Now, OOPSLA Library-Centric Software Design, and the Northwest C++ Users’ Group (NWCPP). I was a board member for NWCPP for several years. I co-headlined The Astoria Seminar with C++ luminaries Scott Meyers, Andrei Alexandrescu, Walter Bright, and Dave Abrahams, and I keynoted Meeting C++ in 2013.

My public key can be found here.

I’m currently available for consulting. Please contact me.