Xpressive To Get Multi-Capture

For Boost.Xpressive, multi-capture (the ability of a capturing group to remember all the times matches, instead of only the last) is an oft-requested feature. Since it could be faked with Xpressive’s implementation of named regexes, so adding multi-capture has never been high on my priority list. Well, it looks like someone went ahead and implemented it for me:

From: "Erik Rydgren" 
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2010 02:52:23 +0200
Local: Sat, Oct 2 2010 5:52 pm
Subject: [boost] [xpressive] Support for multi-capture and
balancing groups


My company have been using pcre for a long while but there has
been gripes about it only returning the last matched value
from a capture group. Because of this I have been searching
for a C++ regex engine that can handle the same stuff as the
.NET implementation can do, to no avail. During my searches
I've stumbled on several forum threads where others have been
searching for the same thing but it doesn't seem to exist a
regular expression library in C/C++ that handles both named
captures and multicapture.

Found boost.xpressive and it had almost everything we need.
It's open source, fast, got flexible api and named captures.
But alas, just as all other C and C++ based implementations
I have found, it lacked multiple captures.

So, I added it. On top of that I added support for balancing
But the syntax for the pop capture and capture conditional is
slightly different then the .NET version to better fit

Syntax for pop capture:
  dynamic: (?Pstuff)
  static: (name -= stuff)

Syntax for capture conditional:
  dynamic: (?P(name)stuff)
  static: (name &= stuff)

There is no support for the (?stuff) construct.

All captures made by a group is stored in sub_match::captures
which is a vector of sub_match_capture objects. A
sub_match_capture behaves like a stripped down sub_match. It
can be put in an ostream and has a length and helper function
for returning a string.

The changes are in the vault and can be found here:

It can be unpacked against trunk from 2010-10-02 or the 1.44.0
release. I've run the dynamic regression tests without errors
and I have added some tests for the new functionality. The
code it only tested on Visual Studio 2010 since I don't have
access to any other compiler.

Please give feedback on my changes since I would love to see
them in an official release. Thanks in advance.


Very, very cool. I love open source!

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